Don’t Forget

The Fine Print

Rental Guidelines

  • All furniture rentals are subject to a three month minimum lease, after which the lease reverts to month to month
  • A security deposit is required at time of rental that is equal to one month’s rent
  • Reasonable wear and use is covered
  • A delivery fee starting at $85.00 will be added. This fee includes delivery, set up, and pick up of package at the end of the lease term. The fee amount is determined by location and distance from our store.
  • Each month’s rental charge is payable in advance
  • All applications subject to credit check

Please call or come by for further information

Click here to download our Rental Application. You can email, fax or print out the application and bring it in with you.

Billing Options

  • Corporate Lease  Invoice is sent directly to the customer’s employer pending credit approval from Carls or arrangements may be made with the apartment complex or management company who in turn collects furniture rent from the resident.
  • Individual Lease  Contract is made with the individual resident and all rent/fees are collected from the resident.